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(Losing the “It Won’t Happen for Me” Lie: Success Stories) 

Sherry Vine, Artist: 




Jameson Rivera, Real Estate:

DreamBody has helped me stay consistent in my fitness journey over the last 10 months. Having all the workouts programmed for me on the app was helpful, and I found the app Branden uses simple and effective. I also found the video demonstrations for each exercise useful. When I needed more feedback, I sent Branden videos and received very helpful responses quickly. Branden consistently reached out to check in with me, and if I had fallen off the bandwagon a bit with my diet, never judged me; just helped encourage my getting back on track. Regarding the actual workout contents, I found them nicely balanced in terms of training all my muscle groups, in a variety of ways, which kept things new and interesting. 


Matthew Montgomery, Marketing: 



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