My personal & professional story

(“The Greater the Pain, the Greater the Possibility”)

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1. My personal story

2. My professional story

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1. My personal story

I can envy just about anyone, but I have a hard time trusting someone until they’ve been vulnerable with me. Since our relationship is built on trust, I wanna share with you a bit more about myself.

I was born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s in Ohio. My earliest, clearest childhood fantasy was of being adored, and indomitable. I envisioned what it would feel like to have a physique beyond compare: it would be my gateway to freedom, joy, power and safety. This ambition did not wither with age.

After graduating college at Indiana University, I moved to New York to pursue a career as an actor. My family completely provided for me during this time.

Then, my life turned upside down around New Year’s of 2011. Virtually all at once, I came out of the closet; began confronting years of brutal abuse and trauma I had experienced in my childhood home; and sought help for the anxiety I’d struggled with my entire life. My family’s financial support rapidly diminished in the midst of this.

I pivoted to personal training as a more stable source of income. I liked working with people, and over the previous years had learned a great deal from a Canadian bodybuilder who hosted his own online school.

During my first few years as a trainer (between 2011 and 2015), through a combination of privilege and hard work, I had as clients some of the most intriguing and influential gay men in New York City. This was thanks in part to the gym I worked at, and thanks in part to my unique ability to teach each client how to develop impeccable weightlifting form and pace.   Simultaneously, I took advantage of a litany of educational seminars, workshops and courses sponsored by the extremely resourceful company for which I worked.

In late 2016, now working for myself, I became heavily involved with activism. In June of 2017, I bottomed out on anger, grief, financial insecurity, and self harm. I made a decision to disconnect from activism, and focus on saving myself.

One year later, in June of 2018, having worked multiple jobs over the last year, I was now nearly out of debt, on anxiety medication, and finally feeling like a beautiful life was possible again.

It was during the middle of the Pride March that month that that I saw shirtless photos of myself. I saw unbridled joy on my face. But when I looked down at my torso, I did not feel pride. I felt like a far cry from those jaw dropping, real-life-superhero bodies I’d seen prancing around Fire Island over the past few summers

I reached out to a different bodybuilding coach I’d met years earlier in NYC, who now lived 2,000 miles away in Colorado. I told him that since I couldn’t yet afford regular HGH, I was ready to do whatever he told me to in order to organically earn broader, more impressive shoulders; a cut waist and prominent abs; a higher butt; thicker calves; and arms that would help me feel confident even around the most jacked of guys.

The physical transformation that commenced from the summer of 2018 invited into my life a seemingly inalienable sense of self-belief which had hitherto eluded me.

As my relationship with my body improved, I finally found the courage to make dramatic changes in my business.

I became more comfortable spending time alone.

I finished writing and editing two novels I’d begun in 2014.

And, miraculously, I realized that my greatest fear – that I could never break my junk food addiction – was unfounded.

It was time to share my small miracle with others. DreamBody School was created.

2. My Professional Story: Abbreviated Credentials

Certified Personal Trainer:

          • National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF)

Nutrition Coaching:

          • Earned certification in 2013 from Precision Nutrition, the nation’s leading body transformation project
          • This certification involved over 100 hours of coursework and seminar training

Other professional certifications:

          • Brookbush Institute (Dr. Brookbush designed the company-wide trainer education for Equinox and New York Sports Club):
            • Advancements in Corrective Exercise Selection Certification
            • Advancements in Program Design
            • Advancements in Exercise Selection
          • Equinox Fitness Training Institute:
            • Over three hundred hours of training and course study