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Breaking your Addiction to Self Doubt:

How DreamBody School Works.


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There are three core components in the DreamBody School curriculum, to which all students have unlimited access.

To learn more, watch the below video, or skip to the video summary under it.


Video Summary: How DreamBody School Works


Component One:

The first component is a fitness app, which hosts and delivers the signature DreamBody School workout programs to you. This app interacts with, and supports you during, your workouts. It provides videos and instructions for every workout, as well as specific prescriptions regarding sets, repetitions, and rest periods. It allows you to easily save all of your workout details, including the exact weight lifted on each exercise, and displays this data the next time you complete the same workout.

This app also makes it very easy for you to save and juxtapose well-organized, at-a-glance tabs on your progress, including progress photos, body measurements, and personal bests (which refer to strength/endurance improvements).

The fitness app also facilitates private messaging between you and me. If you ever have any questions, just message me! Check out the video at the very bottom of this page for more info.


Component Two:

The second component of the DreamBody School curriculum is food logging. You have a choice of using My Fitness Pal or Fit Bit, and I guide you through the process of developing a habit around food logging. You’re shown how to implement realistic, incremental changes into your life around your habits, which add up to big, sustainable changes over time! This process is stewarded by the third component of the curriculum…


Component Three:

The third component of the DreamBody School curriculum is an online course, Physique Fundamentals. This course guides you through 13 stages of education and habit-building. Physique Fundamentals features Lesson videos and transcripts dedicated to teaching you how to prepare for, apply, and sustain habits. Roughly half of the curriculum is dedicated exclusively to education and habit-forming around nutrition. The other half is focused on building discipline, routine and understanding in regards to your work out frequency, workout scheduling, supplementation, recovery, and mental perspective.



Additional Features


Ongoing, unlimited Student Support (technical support) is available to all students. If any content in the workouts, the apps, or Physique Prescription are unclear or problematic to the student, the student can easily message me within the fitness app. An assistant or I will answer all Student Support questions within 2 business days.

Beyond the technical support offered in Student Support, students may also elect to engage in a fourth component to their DreamBody School experience, explained immediately below.



Component Four (optional):

If you’d like, I’m happy to provide you with ongoing, customized coaching from me on your journey. I have the ability to view and analyze every single piece of data uploaded to your fitness app; and if you elect to share the information with me,I can also view the data you record in your food logging app.  This gives me the ability to see, understand, and advise you in everything you do.

There are three distinct subscription Levels available to each student. We’ll cover this in an upcoming slide: students have the autonomy to upgrade and downgrade within the three Levels as they see fit.  In this manner, DreamBody School students only pay for the level of assistance they desire at a given point in their journey, making this a truly customizable experience.

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Check out the video immediately below to see a simulation of some of the ways I can help you with customized coaching on this journey.


Simulation of One on One Coaching


Would you also like a demo of the food logging and workout apps? Then check out the next video, as well.

If you’re good, follow the link below this video to move on.  


Demo of the Workout + Food Apps


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