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The Making of a Compassionate Adonis:

Why DreamBody School?

Is your ‘fire’ to change becoming greater than your fear of change?

Have you ever felt powerful, hot and excited upon up-leveling your physique …

only to have that brightness replaced by darkness when you lost those changes, due to the fact that your routine was simply unsustainable?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one of those questions, there’s a good chance that DreamBody School is for you.

If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, then it’s highly likely that, if you’re willing to do the work, DreamBody School will be the small miracle you had all but given up hope on – the answer that will change the rest of your life.



what is DreamBody School?

DreamBody School is a comprehensive online journey that provides you with an exhaustive, individually paced, and farseeing path for you to build and sustain your own unique, real-life version of the quintessential superhero body.

Watch this video to learn more, or skip to the text below it. 



100 distinct, interactive workouts are delivered to your smartphone over 10 six-week phases.

You can complete some or all of the workouts – you’re in control. You can jump off anytime after your initial
two months

. v

The first of your 10 phases offers a robust menu of unexpectedly powerful home-based workouts, with various options for you whether you do or do not have gym equipment at home. 

The subsequent nine phases of gym-based workouts include a calendar that changes meaningfully every six weeks, featuring extensive core strengthening, total body strength training, ab work, corrective exercise, and cardiovascular assignments.


If you apply yourself rigorously, then these workouts will, in time, transform your body. This applies whether you’ve been lifting hard and successfully for years, you’re a total beginner, or you’re somewhere in between.


Education Curriculum:


The workouts are accompanied by a rigorous 13 Lesson curriculum, Physique Fundamentals.


Physique Fundamentals walks you step-by-step through a premium, distilled education on everything you need to learn, re-learn, and habitualize to earn your DreamBody. We cover protein, dietary fat, carbohydrates, fiber, recovery, supplements, self discipline, self forgiveness, hydration, proper workout form and pace, workout scheduling and prioritization, food shopping, food prep, and how to gradually or quickly integrate systematic food logging into a comfortable daily lifestyle.


~ Four hours of video coursework with me are one of the many features of the curriculum.  I teach you how to implement lifestyle changes at the pace that is appropriate specifically for you.  I don’t just tell you – I show you – how to sustain these new lifestyle changes for years to come.


You control how quickly or slowly you move through the 13 Lesson curriculum, Physique Fundamentals.


Option to add or remove Coaching:


You have the option to add – and remove – individualized coaching with me as you go.

This feature makes DreamBody School truly unique in its ability to adapt to your needs and budget at every stage of your journey.


your teacher

Hi! I’m Branden Hayward. Since 2018, I’ve gained ~13 pounds of muscle and lost ~5 lbs of fat. 


My Dreams include having a house in Fire Island; success as a generation-influencing queer novelist; and travel to Sweden, San Fran, West Hollywood, and Provincetown.


Over my last nine years as a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and online physique coach, I’ve noticed some patterns from working with more than 240 clients in New York City and around the world.

I created DreamBody School to remove the biggest obstacles that most of us have faced while trying to get our dream body – a body that would bring us more power, abundance, and joy.


DreamBody School began in 2019 as the DreamBody Challenge, before the full School was produced in 2020. Since we began, we’ve donated $1,500 of our proceeds to the LGBTQ+ nonprofit organizations The Trevor Project and SAGE.

You’ll learn more about me as you go through these slides. You’ll learn how the dark and triumphant passages in my journey have influenced DreamBody School. It’s these life experiences that make me uniquely qualified to meet you where you are today, and steward you through every obstacle you’re going to face tomorrow.


the Four Problems solved by DreamBody School

DreamBody School solves four of the biggest problems we encounter.

Specifically, DreamBody School is uncommonly:

affordable, (only $49/month, without specialized coaching)



conscious of effects of past trauma.

Would you like more detail? Check out the video immediately below. 


.. For 

Details on the Four Problems solved by DreamBody School:

next: Breaking your Addiction to Self Doubt:

How DreamBody School Works.

If DreamBody School may be for you, I welcome you to move forward by clicking the link below.

And if it’s not for you right now, I invite you to share this link with someone whose life it may be able to change.

Next up: Chapter 2 of 6.

Breaking your Addiction to Self Doubt: How DreamBody School Works.



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