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To serve as a steward to my queer “siblings” in their journey to develop and sustain the physique of their dreams. This inevitably helps them discover the authentic power, confidence, and happiness that is their birthright. In so doing, my clients and I create not only a better life for ourselves but contribute to a better world for all marginalized persons, to whom our struggle, journey, and triumph are inextricably connected.



Your journey to a head-turned physique and better overall health begins with an intake session during which Branden can determine your athletic level, needs, goals and movement patterns. This information is then used to design a long-term, personalized training program (which will constantly evolve and adapt to your training demands).

Then the real work begins, gradually progressing with each workout from week to week to ensure interest and motivation while your body continues to develop. Monthly re-assessments are conducted throughout this process to measure progress and inform any lifestyle or program changes that need to be made.


Much like the personal training program, you and your training partner will begin with an intake session and progress in the same manner described above.

Branden is happy to pair you with a training partner if you do not have one in mind.

Branden will then design a long-term, paired training program (which will constantly evolve and adapt to both of your training demands).
Then the real work will begin, gradually progressing with each workout from week to week to ensure interest and motivation while your bodies continue to develop. Bi-weekly assessments are conducted throughout this process to measure progress and inform any lifestyle or program changes that need to be made.


Using the information gained from a detailed food log, and possibly other assessments and conversations, Branden will pinpoint one to three habit changes as the first plan of attack. The client’s input as to which habit change feels the most do-able, as well as exciting, will determine which is assigned first. Only one new change is assigned at any given time.

Branden will check in with you every session to see how the assignment is going, making the change more palatable if compliance is a challenge, and moving on to the next habit change when compliance has been reached and maintained steadily. In this fashion, every three months the client will have implemented a number of significant lifestyle modifications, without ever feeling overwhelmed.


Through the use of corrective exercise, exacting commitment on form, and expert session programming, a client of Branden’s can expect an increase in energy within the first few weeks of training, as well as increased stamina in daily activities.

Depending on the client’s level of vigor and commitment, the appearance of the client’s body will start to change over the course of several weeks, with marked change noticeable within the first few months.  Measurable and sustainable improvements in strength, muscle mass, body composition, posture and a quality of life are the most significant benefits clients enjoy with adherence to lifestyle modifications and consistent training.


I wrote and produced a six-part YouTube series combining DRAG comedy, satire, and expert fitness / nutrition tips:

Check out some articles I’ve written or have been featured in:

I help my clients cultivate a more present, compassionate relationship with their bodies, both during the workout and in the real world, thus increasing my clients’ self-accountability and self-respect.

Seeing Is Believing

The One-Visit Body and Life Transformation Package

I am now offering a 2 hour comprehensive session, in which I will:

Help clarify and offer feedback on the your short and long term goals
Survey your workout and injury background
Assess nutrition and lifestyle patterns, and produce two nutrition / lifestyle/modifications designed to become permanent changes that complement your goals
Evaluate movement patterns and provide a corrective exercise routine tailored to any imbalances present
Guide the client through an intensive workout, using laser-sharp focus on form and pace
Provide you with a written copy of a progressive workout program that you may use on your own for the following month, informed by your specific goals, workout/injury history, and movement patterns

I highly recommend this 2 hour session for self motivated individuals who already have a gym habit.

*Please contact Branden directly for rates for this service –


I provide nutrition and lifestyle modification coaching for anyone around in the world!



3 distinct workouts to challenge your fitness level & ability, setting you on track toward becoming a better you.
20 minute discussion before the workouts are designed, to ensure a custom-tailored approach.


Built-in progressions, week after week.
30 minute discussion before the workouts are designed, to facilitate a highly specific and results-driven approach.


Includes all the elements of the 4 Week Training Program
Custom Nutrition Coaching
60 minutes of discussion/check-in with me throughout the 2 month process.




Includes all the elements of the 8 Week Training Program
120 minutes of phone coaching/discussion.


/ month
2 x 30 minute phone calls of nutrition and lifestyle coaching
Includes text message communication throughout the month.


My name is Branden Hayward but many know me by my social media handle, @brandenhayward 😉


I was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1986. One of my earliest memories is the persistent fantasy of being an enviably beautiful woman, and an equally attractive man.

I became a tennis prodigy and confident theatrical performer by the age of 10. My father assisted me greatly on both of these journeys, and home schooled me until I was 12. It was also during this time that I was traumatized through constant physical and verbal abuse from him, which I was forced to keep secret. To say I felt conflicted as a child is an understatement.

As I transitioned to middle school, I was bullied by some of my peers for being smaller and effeminate. By the time I finished high school, I could not wait to get out of Ohio. I believed that doing so would solve my problems.


As soon as I got to college, I discovered my new best friend, alcohol. She took me on countless thrilling adventures over the next three years, many of which were tied to my experience in a fraternity. (Deep down, I had wanted to be in a sorority.) That all came crashing down at the end of my junior year, as I faced grave consequences for my behavior.

I was fortunate enough to be able to stop drinking, graduate, and move to New York City. I had internalized the message from an early age that my Holy Grail – the means through which I could finally learn to love myself, feel real value, and protect myself from pain – was developing a powerful and masculine physique. Thus, I spent the next several years experimenting with nearly every supplement, diet and workout routine under the Sun.

Just before I turned 25, I realized I could no longer continue the charade of being straight. I came out, confronted my parents, and tried to hold on as my world was turned upside down, seemingly overnight.


I became a personal trainer and nutrition coach. I honed my skills over the course of four years at Equinox, where I became a top performing professionally at my Flatiron location and helped dozens of men create the body of their dreams. I then began my own business in early 2015.

In New York City, I have discovered a love for drag, competing in three pageants as Wanda Attatyme. I have guided several famous drag queens in their quest to improve their physical being. I have developed a love affair with Fire Island, affinity for Katy Perry (from whom Wanda draws much inspiration), and am currently working on the third draft of a novel I began writing in early 2014.

I have also continued to know periods of intense and desperate darkness, most recently born out of my work from 2016-2017 as a political activist.

Today, with the help of therapy, medication, and a program of recovery, I seek a path toward loving myself gently, and not sweating the small things as much as I am inclined to. I have also recently taken to working with my own physique and diet coach, bodybuilding expert Chris Hale. This experience has improved my confidence, my relationship with myself, my career, and reminded me firsthand how life-affirming (and challenging) following a training/diet regimen can be.


  • Certified Personal Trainer: National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) & National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA)
  • Nutritional Coaching Certification (Precision Nutrition™): Over 100 hours in formal instruction and training
  • Advancements in Corrective Exercise Selection Certification (Brookbush Institute)
  • Advancements in Program Design (Brookbush Institute)
  • Over three hundred hours of training and course study via the Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI) and Equinox High Performance Living Symposium
  • Special Certifications (Equinox Fitness Training Institute): Kettlebell Certification, Vitality and Increased Performance (ViPR) Certification
  • Hundreds of hours of self-guided study and application on subjects of coaching, bodybuilding and body sculpting, functional movement, fat loss, supplementation, regeneration, food and diet, and recovery
  • Advancements in Exercise Selection (Brookbush Institute)
  • Introduction to Functional Anatomy (Brookbush Institute)


I’d be honored to help you in any way I can.
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