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13 Steps to Becoming a Highly Visible Man (or Woman, or Human):

Physique Fundamentals


Fix your food intake, and so much more, with this comprehensive education curriculum. 

I’m with you, via video and transcripts, throughout each lesson. Listen, watch, and/or read your way through these formulas, heartfelt solutions, and lifestyle hacks. They’ll empower you to finally Change for Good. 

Lesson I. Perspective

Struggle is the touchpoint of growth. We know this. But did you know it’s possible to struggle and grow, without suffering? Here’s how.

Plus: Arm yourself against self-sabotage.

And: I get remarkably vulnerable about why I developed an early fascination with body enhancement. This will hopefully help you trust me, reinforcing for you that this is a safe space.

Lesson II. Workout Preparation

Discover the form & pace principles that pushed me ahead of the pack as a personal trainer. They’ll get you stronger faster and with fewer injuries. 

Plus: Learn your way around the Trainerize fitness app.

This lesson prepares you for the difficulties lying ahead in the gym, including toxic energy and overcrowding. Learn how to navigate them.

Lesson III. Workout Scheduling + Prioritization

Stick with your desired workout frequency and schedule. Even when life is chaotic. 

My method’s worked for clients with a myriad of careers, travel schedules, and family responsibilities.

Elevate your self-belief and build resistance to outside detractors. 

Lesson IV. Hydration

I noticed that ~60% of my personal training clients were insufficiently hydrated when they started working with me.

Might you be one of them?

Modest hydration may be preventing you from being as muscular, lean, and youthful-looking as possible. I’m not saying that more water will overhaul your body by itself, but small wins truly add up.  

Use my simple formula to tell if you’re insufficiently hydrated. Then use these real-world hacks to vanquish the issue. (Your muscles will thank you.)

Lesson V. Fiber

Ever struggled with hunger? This lesson might be your small miracle. 

Unpack why fiber’s important for health and managing hunger. Let’s learn why it’s crucial for fat loss and even muscle growth. Pick up my trick for knowing — without looking at the label — if a food is fiber-full. 

Steal my formula for computing how many grams of fiber you need daily. It’s based on your current size, and takes into account how big — or lean — you wanna get.

If you’re falling short, here’s practical tips for gently incorporating more fiber into your daily diet.

Lesson VI. Food Habits 

Wanna save $200+/month?

Here’s the deal. It’s true that high-quality protein requires a budget. But here’s how to switch to inexpensive, healthy carbs and fats.

“Should I make my food, or have it prepared for me?” I make the answer simple.

Stressed about staying the course while traveling? So are most of my clients. Relief’s arrived, though. Vanquish false obstacles, and right-size real ones, with my solutions for air, rail and road travel.

Then, we talk about pressures — internal and external — of eating in groups. Use my 7-step framework to handle these situations with grace and flexibility.

Learn just how un-scary food logging is. Begin using MyFitnessPal to start food logging, if you haven’t already. Quickly simplify logging “mystery” food at buffets, restaurants, and gatherings.

Food should fuel, not foil. If you’ve used food to hate yourself (like me), this lesson might relax some things for youAnd for any issues that may require outside help, you’ll at least know that you’re never alone.


Lesson VII. Protein & Calories

Vegan? Vegetarian? Pescatarian? “Flexitarian”? Regular meat-eater? Find your best protein sources, here.

Discover why protein’s essential for fat loss — not just muscle gain.

Determine your ultimate protein goal. (More formulas!)

Methodically work towards that goal, with these tips.

And: here’s the formula to calculate your daily caloric target.

Lesson VIII. Supplementation

Absorb the benefits of creatine, caffeine, fiber, protein, and mass gainers. 

Simplify how, when, and why you should use them … and not use ’em.


Lesson IX. Recovery

Transform meditation into a simple, pass/fail course.

Incrementally improve your sleep. 

Reframe injuries and setbacks as opportunities to strengthen your most crucial muscle — the “mind muscle.”

Your DreamBodybuilding Workout Calendar is painstakingly designed to prioritize “prehab.” Nonetheless, injuries happen — especially as we age. This lesson helps you get in front of these near-inevitabilities. You’ll be as prepared as possible to avoid a downward mental spiral.


Lesson X. Carbohydrates

Calculate your daily carbohydrate goal. 

Appreciate why carbohydrates are essential for your DreamBody, even if your primary goal is fat loss.

Are there ‘good’ and ‘bad’ carbs? Let’s investigate.



Lesson XI. Self – Celebration

If you demand too much of yourself, or fail to realize how far you’ve come, you will eventually self-sabotage. This has happened to some very promising people. In fact, the higher of a performer you are, the more susceptible you are to self-sabotage, in my opinion. 

I’m not one for toxic positivity. I provide feet-on-the-ground techniques for balancing your gratitude and self-appreciation.

Plus: specific instructions on the healthy ways to evaluate your own progress data.

Lesson XII. Dietary Fat

Learn how dietary fat affects hypertrophy.

Understand the best sources of dietary fat, and the role that ‘junk food’ fats can play in a balanced diet.

Calculate your ideal dietary fat intake.


Lesson XIII. Self – Discipline 

Too many people believe they must choose between self-love and self-discipline.

No. They go hand in hand. 

You must reflect this in your daily actions. Only then can you expect to get, and keep, and build on … your DreamBody. 

This final lesson teaches you to embody grit.

“What happens after the 13th Lesson?”

You’ll feel amazing once you graduate from Physique Fundamentals.  

Remember: you purchase DreamBody, versus rent it. So Physique Fundamentals belongs to you now. Any time you want to deepen or clarify a principle, you can return to the work.

Also, if your goals shift — from muscle building to fat loss, for example — you can return to the provided formulas to recalculate your daily targets for calories, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat. (If you ever forget where content is located, just message me.)

In Conclusion re: Physique Fundamentals

Each lesson in Physique Fundamentals can be studied and implemented at your pace.

There’s no such thing as “falling behind” in Physique Fundamentals. 

Like everything in life, you’ll get from this what you put into it.

This isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon...

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