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Go from stalled self-doubter to empowered stud.

Meet your Bonus Feature: Nutrition Prescription. (Page 1 of 2)

Nutrition Prescription, a bonus feature in DreamBody, entitles you to three additional features. They’re listed as #4, #5, and #6, to avoid confusion with the first three standard features. 

#4. I view your ongoing series of progress photos and measurements. Unsure if you need to prioritize muscle gain, or fat loss? I can advise you. Wanna know when it’s time to switch your focus? Just ask. 

#5. I directly advise your customized macronutrient and calorie levels, based on your photos, measurements, and stated goals.

#6. If you have a specific lifestyle concern that isn’t addressed in Physique Fundamentals, I’ll give you a customized answer. 

“How’s this different than the standard version of DreamBody?”

In the standard version of DreamBody, you rely on Physique Fundamentals’ formulas to calculate your own nutrition prescriptions. Based off what you’re seeing, you’ll tweak or maintain your numbers to keep getting results.

The standard version of DreamBody equates to bumper guards, in a bowling analogy. Bumper guards prevent you from rolling into the gutter, guaranteeing that you will make it across the finish line. The same applies to the lessons of Physique Fundamentals. 

Nutrition Prescription is like adding private bowling lessons. There could still be a learning curve. But, you may knock down more pins, faster.

The 10+ Pound Results Guarantee’

Nutrition Prescription unlocks a guarantee. You’ll improve your body composition by at least 10 lbs in your first year. (Remember, this means pounds of muscle gained plus pounds of fat lost.)  

Here are the five behavioral commitments you need to maintain throughout your first year to stay qualified for this first guarantee. 

A) Upload your progress photos and measurements in your first week. Then keep uploading them every six weeks after that, as assigned in your workout calendar. You have a week’s grace period, each time.

B) Complete 85% of all assigned workouts, on the day they are scheduled, beginning March 21, 2022. (This means you can miss, or partially complete, up to 15% of your workouts.)

C) With the workouts you do complete, push yourself at least 85% of the way to muscular failure, using the principles in Lesson II of Physique Fundamentals.

D) Beginning March 25, 2022, log your entire food diary, 347 of the subsequent 365 days.

You don’t have to log food intermittently throughout your day. It’s OK to log your diary at the end of each day.

But, logging your food diary on a subsequent day doesn’t count. 

So, you get 18 completely discretionary days. (That’s 5% of your first year.) You may partially or completely skip logging these days. You may overeat, or under-eat. (I highly recommend still hitting your protein goals these days.) 

E) Stay within 15% of your daily protein and caloric goals. In other words, consume at least 85%, and no more than 115%, of your calorie and protein targets. I will have confirmed these numbers for you by April 1, 2022. (Discretionary days are exempt.)

Those are your five behaviors.

The food logging app you’ll use, MyFitnessPal, connects to Trainerize, the workout app, creating a portal through which I can view the data you’re putting into both apps.

While I have the ability to view the data you’re entering, I only use your data for two purposes. 1) To inform answers and solutions I offer you.  2) To verify your eligibility or ineligibility for the 10+ Pound Results Guarantee.

I will neither criticize, nor hold accountable, clients who don’t honor their own goals. This is your journey, not mine. If you enroll in Nutrition Prescription, you’re agreeing to be completely self-motivating.

“What if I do everything you tell me, and don’t get the results you’re guaranteeing?”

If you’ve stuck with the five guidelines listed above for 12 months straight, and you haven’t achieved muscle gain and/or fat loss that, added together, amounts to at least 10 pounds of positive change, I will continue to provide you the monthly Nutrition Prescription service, free of charge. To this, I’ll even add 1-on-1 phone calls and/or video chats with you. We’ll do this until you improve by a total of 10 pounds. You must maintain your five behavioral commitments during this period.

Bottom line. You gotta be ready, from Day 1, to be working out intensely seven hours each week, distributed over five weekly workout sessions. And, you gotta be ready from Day 1 to implement and maintain new nutritional habits.

“Branden, do I have to constantly ask for your feedback … and / or uphold the 5 behaviors … just to use Nutrition Prescription?”

No. Absolutely not!

You can take a more laid back approach to your first year. I wholeheartedly support that, if that’s what best suits you!

Zero shame / blame / games. Just compassionate solutions, if and when you ask for them.

To see specific examples of Nutrition Prescription in action — and learn exactly how body composition change is calculated — click here.


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