Dream-Bodybuilding Workout Calendar

(You Don’t Need Different Genes. You Just Need a Different Regimen.)

A smartphone fitness app delivers my signature workouts to you. This interactive app supports you during your workouts. It also facilitates messaging between you and me.

This is the same intuitive app that I use as a client of my own online coach. My clients and I have been using it since 2018.

Next to each exercise in the app, you’ll have videos and/or instructions. Plus, get my specific directions on sets, repetitions, and rest periods. 

It saves your workout details and displays them at-a-glance the next time you approach the same exercise.

The app, called Trainerize, also makes it easy to archive and juxtapose your progress photos, body measurements, and personal bests. (Personal bests refer to strength/endurance gains.)

Your Workout Phases

DreamBody has 9+ distinct workout phases. Most are six weeks long. 

Unique workouts are scheduled for Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Within a given phase, you repeat Monday’s workout every Monday, and so on.

Want a different workout cadence? I can move your weekly calendar forward or backward.

The name of each phase has a double meaning. On one hand, they reflect the sequence of steps I’ve walked in life. (Maybe you, too.) But: each phase name also encapsulates its specific physiological focus. 

There’s an optional phase for home / travel workouts..

Here’s an overview of the phases:

I. Home (Optional)

Work out in any space.

Zero special gym equipment? I’ve got you.

Have a home gym? I’ve got you covered, too.

Access a robust menu of cardio, ab, and strength-training for your upper-, lower-, and total body.

II. Endure

Build muscular endurance.

High-repetition sets with short breaks. 

Re-train your whole body to cooperate as an integrated unit — vs. disconnected muscles. 

Heavy emphasis on core engagement.





III. Fortify

Gain muscular strength.

Use heavier weights. Decrease repetitions. Increase length of breaks.

Continued focus on core activation.



IV. Bloom

Let your muscles bloom. (Hypertrophy.)

Medium repetition range. One minute breaks. Ongoing emphasis on core utilization.

V. Equality 

Reduce physique asymmetries.

Incorporate more single-limb exercises.

Even out the appearance and function of both sides of your body.




VI. Reclamation

Reclaim natural postural and structural alignment.

Mix corrective movements into your weightlifting. Protect yourself against future injuries. Grow faster in subsequent work.




VII. Lust

Trigger production of more testosterone and growth hormone. 

Increase in heavy barbell work.

VIII. Liberation

Liberate your workouts — and results — from the conventional. 

Destabilize your weightlifting by using “landmine” exercises. These dynamic lifts use a barbell with weight added only to one end. The other end is anchored to the floor.

Enhance your aesthetics while continuing to address and prevent misalignments. 




IX. Synthesis

Ignite your body’s three energy systems in unison.

Trigger a fat loss cascade.

X. Lineage

Close gaps between your body and that of classic bodybuilders.

Magnify muscles’ definition & density. Combine unordinary movements with time-tested lifting staples.


More info on the Workout Calendar

“Are certain phases for building muscle, and others for leaning out?”

Not really. Each phase supports both muscle gain and fat loss. The results you achieve are determined by your diet.

The exception is Phase IX, Synthesis, which prioritizes leaning out. You can delay or skip this phase if your exclusive goal is muscle gain. 

“What if I fall behind or travel?”

I can adjust your calendar whenever needed. So, you won’t ever miss out, or feel overwhelmed. There’s no such thing as falling behind in DreamBody. You’ll complete your curriculum in the exact timeframe you’re meant to.

Remember. If you need to travel during Phases II-X, you’ll have access to Phase I, Home. It can be completed with little-to-no equipment, anywhere in the world.

“What happens after Phase X, Lineage?”

Your calendar will automatically refresh. You’ll build upon the foundation from your first year. It’s much like the way a prize-winning, multi-tiered wedding cake is built upon, layer after layer. 

As you begin to repeat your program, you’ll see the weights and reps you used in the past. Progress yourself with one or more of the following mechanisms:

– Heavier weight

– Slower lifting pace

– Greater range of motion

– More repetitions (within the prescribed rep range)

This’ll get you more ripped, and increase your muscle mass, when combined with an ideal diet.

Remember: I’ll be there, year after year, to guide you.

Summary of the workout app

The app guides you through your actual workouts. It also helps you upload progress photos and measurements at six week intervals. (You’ll take your own measurements with a simple tailor’s tape measure.) 

As you accumulate multiple sets of progress photos and body measurements, each new set of data is easily juxtaposed with the entire catalogue that already exists. This helps you understand your aesthetic progress.

The Dream-Bodybuilding Workout Calendar spells out the recommended cadence for completing the workouts. In addition to each week’s weightlifting, it also provides supplemental warmups, abdominal work, and cardio.

Next Up:

Physique Fundamentals, the Education Curriculum