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Here’s my vault of my Build-your-Self articles and videos.

This is a catalogue of stories and lessons of everything I wish I’d known about bodybuilding and self-love. Click on the title that you feel addresses your biggest pain point right now.  After reading it, email me (branden@brandenhayward.com) and let me know how you’re going to apply this! 

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        1. How to get a lot of protein without a lot of animals
        2. When I perform beneath my values
        3. 14 minute video: the 4 supplements I take, how much, and why 
        4. “How do I maintain food & workouts during travel?”
        5. 4 habits that kill fat loss
        6. When success = staying alive
        7. Living Room Lifting: Advanced Ab Circuit
        8. Living Room Lifting: Cardio + Muscle Pump Bootcamp
        9. Best equipment for cheap+easy home gym, plus upper body Living Room Lifting workout
        10. Eat what you want + change your body: Fiber
        11. One of the two most important techniques to incorporate into your lifting
        12. Machine always taken at the gym? Do this.
        13. Why I’m breaking my own rules on meal timing and protein powder
        14. How to Reset after the 4 most common plateaus
        15. The Right Way to Bulk
        16. How to maintain lifestyle changes + reach your goals
        17. 7 Steps to Sleigh Holiday Eating
        18. My #1 Discovery of 2019 + how I save $400/month on groceries
        19. The 4 biggest nutrition mistakes we make
        20. Logging Mystery Food
        21. Drag + Gay sex humor w/ exercise technique, part 3
        22. Drag + Gay sex humor w/ exercise technique, part 2
        23. Drag + Gay sex humor w/ exercise technique, part 1
        24. Mastering the Kettlebell Swing
        25. The 5 biggest roadblocks – and solutions – to earning your dream physique
        26. Why weight loss plateaus
        27. Step-by-step method to get from stalled self-doubter to empowered stud
        28. How to leverage your biggest life priorities to help build your body
        29. Why a disappointing workout equals success
        30. My food diary + ending nutrition confusion
        31. When the Gym is Triggering (& best shoulder-thickness exercise)
        32. Only 15 Minutes for the Gym?
        33. It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint
        34. Gain 10+ lbs of Muscle in One Month w/ the Four Hour Body method … I verified it
        35. Building Muscle while Injured
        36. Basic B*tch Ice Cream at Home with a fraction of the Fat
        37. How I’ve Turned my Life Around in the last Two Years
        38. Get Your Muscle Ass by Mastering the Step-Up
        39. FINALLY Succeed with Food Tracking by EMBRACING Imperfection
        40. Overworked and Under-Slept?
        41. The 4 Ways I Motivate Myself
        42. Confused About the Best Arms/Abs Routine?
        43. Does Nutrition Timing Matter?
        44. Surviving Envy
        45. Change your Life by Changing this One Thing in the Gym
        46. Banish Moderation & Get Abs Anyway
        47. Need more self-worth?
        48. Add Size to your Upper Pecs
        49. Solved: Nutrition While Traveling
        50. Double Your Gym Confidence in 2 minutes
        51. 2 hacks to drop fat and add muscle quickly