“I can quit tomorrow” & 6 more game changers

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“I can quit tomorrow”

Hey, Handsome!

Here is a simple, powerful thought for when you struggle:

“I can quit tomorrow.”

Instead of telling yourself that you’ll start a positive new habit after your upcoming holiday trip … do the opposite. Stay committed to what you’re already committed to.

Then, if you’re still struggling as badly the next day, you know you can quit then.

If you want more guidance where that came from, I highly recommend checking out:

Sleigh the Holidays
A Nutrition Survival Guide in 7 Steps

(Hint: Short on time? Go directly to Step 7 – Troubleshooting – and read how to tackle the specific issues you suspect you’ll face.)

After reading the guide, let me know: did it help?

With love, and self-love, and a mask on,



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