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Losing the “It Won’t Happen for Me” Lie: Student and Client Success Stories

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Michael Nicastro, Restaurant Professional:

“Branden has a great way of listening and showing empathy.  He makes you feel important.

I wanted to work with someone that I could trust. He definitely practices what he preaches.

The training app itself was clear and easy to understand. I felt I was not alone and had a support system to push me through. I recommend his program. It’s a great way to achieve your goals, especially when you would like to do it on your own schedule.  The flexibility aspect was great.”

(The following interview was conducted in 2020; several features of DreamBody have been revised and expanded since.)

Time marker – Topic:

3:37 – Michael’s story

4:41 – Bodybuilding at home / with Covid19 (also, at 14:40)

8:15 – Don’t make this common mistake with the weight scale

9:30 – Online help can’t really compare to personal training … right? 

11:04 – Problem solved: convenience

13:08 – 80% of would-be bodybuilders are sunk by this mistake

13:44 – Finding your fire (also, at 20:00)

17:44 – Using food to hate yourself? Get relief, here.

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