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Losing the “It Won’t Happen for Me” Lie: Success Stories


Malik Williams, Dancer: 

(My interview guest is Juilliard alum, pro dancer, and longtime client Malik. He shares how his passion, profession, and perspective have been propelled forward by online bodybuilding.)


Dav Burrington, Broadway dresser: 

“I needed a program that I could follow, with instructional video and the confidence to know the program has been engineered to achieve the body goals I have. I have a BFA in dance, and understand the basic exercises, but knowing that DreamBody helped create the changes in Branden’s body that I wish to see in my own, makes me feel like I can take the journey day by day and trust in the path laid out for me.

“I didn’t want to invest in a program with an in-person trainer, because it would limit the times I’m able to go to the gym, and I haven’t had the experiences with in-person trainers that I’ve had with Branden when talking about a long term comprehensive plan for body goals.

“The videos provided at the beginning of the training program help outline what the journey will look like from a bird’s eye view. And the way Branden speaks from experience is encouraging.

“Nutrition is a huge part that I’ve been missing and the information provided is valuable. I do need to take advantage of the one on one nutrition guidance offered in DreamBody to make sure I’m not spinning my wheels for nothing.

“I have had life events (injuries, depression and work demands) affect my exercise program and Branden has been able to adjust and reset the program as needed, and offer guidance along the way. The idea of this investment for the long term also helps me think of my journey as a long term one, not just for this week or month.

“I’m not near my goals, but I am closer than I have been. And that’s encouraging.”


Sherry Vine, Artist: 



Jameson Rivera, Real Estate:

“DreamBody has helped me stay consistent in my fitness journey over the last 10 months. Having all the workouts programmed for me on the app was helpful, and I found the app Branden uses simple and effective. I also found the video demonstrations for each exercise useful. When I needed more feedback, I sent Branden videos and received very helpful responses quickly. Branden consistently reached out to check in with me, and if I had fallen off the bandwagon a bit with my diet, never judged me; just helped encourage my getting back on track. Regarding the actual workout contents, I found them nicely balanced in terms of training all my muscle groups, in a variety of ways, which kept things new and interesting.” 


Matthew Montgomery, Marketing: 



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