Lean out with Strategy, not Sacrifice

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Lean out with Strategy, not Sacrifice

Hey hey!

“I can’t get ripped; I love junk food too much.”

You ever thought or said that?

If you have, you’re not alone. I felt this way for years, too.

Here’s what I wish I’d known back then: Getting stacked with muscle, while shredding bodyfat, is not about restriction and removal of foods.

It’s about — in large part — filling up on fiber each day.

I’ve learned that oatmeal, and broccoli, are the two most nutrient- and fiber-full foods that I can consistently bring myself to eat in large quantities.

When I eat a bowl of cereal – let’s say 50 grams of carbohydrates and a total of 250 calories – I’m usually very hungry 45 minutes later.  

But, when I eat 50 grams of carbs from oatmeal, I’m only mildly hungry 45 minutes later.

And when I put a bag of frozen broccoli in the pan to mix with my fish, it takes me f*cking forever to eat the meal. That’s a good thing. The food fills my stomach, in a way that the meat alone would not have filled me. (I wrote a good article on protein and dietary fat, here.)

So, once I’ve gotten my fiber-full foods out of the way, I can often go on in the evening to enjoy candy, pizza, flavored yogurt, chips, donuts, or other calorie-laden, delicious foods (depending on what else I’ve eaten that day).

I continue to be amazed at how unappealing that third serving of junk food looks, whereas in the recent past, the whole cake would often be my dinner.

Tracking my food, and having the willingness to increase my protein and fiber intake if my junk cravings are wreaking havoc, are two key ingredients to my success in dropping body-fat while getting more stacked.

Other than broccoli and oats, other low-calorie foods that are very high in nutrients and fiber are: brussel sprouts, asparagus, sweet potatoes, quinoa, beans (these cause me to toot a lot, tho), and cauliflower.

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