4 habits that kill fat loss

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4 habits that kill fat loss 

culprits like insufficient recovery are sneaky — here’s how to beat ’em  


In June 2018, I saw shirtless photos of myself at Pride NYC. So much joy on my face! But when I saw my body, all I could think was: this doesn’t reflect the work I’ve put in. 

I found solutions to quickly drop body fat, without dropping muscle. 

Here are the top culprits I identified, and my fixes for them. 


Problem: stalled fat loss (or, fat gain)


1. Culprit: Intake calories > output calories. 

A. Solution: 

I limit eating to 8 hr period daily. I don’t gorge during the 8 hours. 

B. More solution: 

Log daily food intake, to establish baseline. Then I remove 15%. Then, maintaining that, add 1-2 hours/week of concentrated, compound weightlifting. (This will increase output calories.)  


2. Culprit: Insufficient protein intake. 


Once above solutions are in place, ensure I’m daily consuming 130-180+ grams lean protein from real food. 


3. Culprit: Insufficient recovery.

Solution: If all above are applied, and still I’m not seeing fat loss, I need to ensure I’m getting enough sleep & recovery. I shouldn’t be pushing to near-failure the same muscle groups on back to back days. I need to average 8+ hours of sleep each week. 


4. Culprit: Miscounting intake calories. 

Solution: Ensure I’m not doing this. (I have a guide for fixing this; write me back to get it, free.) 


Let me know: Which one of these solutions do you wanna try?  🙂


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