The Education Curriculum in DreamBody

(“13 Steps to Becoming a Highly Visible Man — or stunner of any gender.”)


I provide you with your own video tutorial for each of the 13 lessons in Physique Fundamentals.

In each lesson, there’s also a transcript, which fleshes out the content in slightly greater detail.

Most lessons include links to additional content I’ve created, which offer additional insights on the material from that lesson.

For a video overview of the 13 Lessons, check out the 11 minute video immediately below.

You can also skip straight down to the brief lesson summaries below this video.

Video: “What’s in Physique Fundamentals?”

Video Summary:

The education and habit-building stages of Physique Fundamentals are comprised of the following lessons.  (Lesson summaries are in parentheses). 

I. Perspective

(Here’s the most important — and most easily forgotten — ingredient for your success.)

II. Workout Preparation

(Let me introduce you to your fitness app.

I reveal the form & pace principles that allowed me to break ahead of the pack at the beginning of my career as a personal trainer; principles that will help you build muscle and strength faster and more safely than 98% of people in the gym do.

I help you understand the difficulties emotionally and physically that lie ahead in the gym, and how to overcome / handle them.)

III. Workout Scheduling + Prioritization

(How to establish, maintain, and increase your adherence to your desired workout frequency and schedule, even when life is chaotic.)

IV. Hydration

(Here is why hydration matters, how to tell if you’re dehydrated, and what to do about it.)

V. Fiber – Nutrition for Muscle Growth and Fat Loss, Part 1/4

(Why fiber is important for health, hunger management, fat loss, and even for muscle growth.

Here are the foods that are high in fiber.

And, here’s how much fiber you should be aiming to take in daily, and how to begin incorporating fiber slowly and steadily into your daily diet.)

VI. Food Habits : Shopping, Preparation, Eating, Logging, and Managing Disruptions/Travel

(The biggest lesson in this curriculum. Here is how to tell whether you should have your food prepared for you, or make it at home. If you select the latter, here are tips for shopping and food prep.

We go over the fundamentals of food logging, and I explain why it will take longer to physically consume foods that are healthier and better for your physique goals.

I address and offer solutions to one of the biggest realities people face and sometimes feel derailed by: challenges brought by a disrupted routine / travel.)

VII. Protein: Nutrition for Muscle Growth and Fat Loss, Part 2/4

(Why protein is essential for fat loss and muscle gain.

How to use your food logging data to understand how much protein you currently take in.

How to determine your ultimate protein goal.

How to work towards your ultimate goal in stages.)

VIII. Supplementation

(An overview of creatine, caffeine, fiber, protein, and mass gaining supplements.

How, when, and why you should use them, and not use them.)

IX. Recovery: Meditation, Sleep, and Managing Setbacks

(How to take care for yourself on this mental and emotional journey.

How to increase your chances for resilience and consistency, while making sure you are physically primed to get the most results.)

X. Carbohydrates: Nutrition for Muscle Growth and Fat Loss, Part 3/4

(The role carbs will play in a muscle growth program versus a fat loss program.

Answers to whether there are such things as good carbs and bad carbs.

An outline of how to identify your ideal carbohydrate intake.)

XI. Self – Celebration

(It is a near certainty that at some point on this journey, you will have a moment/s where you doubt yourself and your progress.

This lesson offers strategies for consistently bringing positivity, gratitude and a sense of accomplishment into your mental process — in a pragmatic, practical way.

This lesson also reminds you of the perspective you should employ when evaluating your progress data accumulated so far, including photos, measurements, habits, and personal bests.)

XII. Dietary Fat: Nutrition for Muscle Growth and Fat Loss, Part 4/4

(The role dietary fat will play in muscle growth and fat loss.

The best sources of dietary fat, and the role that “junk food” fats can play in a balanced diet.

An outline of how to identify your ideal dietary fat intake.)

XIII. Self – Discipline

(Here’s why unadulterated persistence and determination are requisite ingredients for you to earn your DreamBody – and how to cultivate those mental qualities.)


“What happens after the 13th Lesson?”

After completing all 13 lessons for the first time, you are encouraged to return to the beginning of Physique Fundamentals, and proceed through the 13 lessons again.

Upon this, and any subsequent, go-around, you would have two tasks. First, with the theory-based lessons, your work as the student is to deepen your internalization and understanding of the material.

Second, regarding the practical application lessons (pertaining directly to your nutrition), you will now have the opportunity to build on the moderate changes I guided you to implement in your first go-around. Specifically, you would probably increase your protein and fiber intake, and either decrease or increase your carbohydrate and dietary fat intake, based on the guidelines provided for your individual goals.

In Conclusion re: Physique Fundamentals

In my professional opinion, the fastest that a highly disciplined student can realistically expect to absorb, implement, and sustain all the habits developed from all 13 lessons is approximately 18 months.

Each stage in the online course overviewed above has been designed to be studied and implemented at a pace dictated by you. Again, there is no “falling behind” in DreamBody School. 🙂 It has been my experience that you’ll educate yourself, form habits, manage setbacks, and progress at the pace that is perfect for your journey.

Currently, the lessons are hosted by a password-protected portion of my website. The videos are in the same format as the videos on these promotional pages: they’re nothing fancy or high-tech. They just give you the direct roadmap to your success.

Upon enrollment in DreamBody, you will immediately have access to the first approximately half (of 13) lessons in Physique Fundamentals. This is done in effort to better protect my intellectual property; in your third week of DreamBody, you’ll have the ability to withdraw from DreamBody for a full refund — if you have completed every single one of your workouts on the day it was scheduled.

Once your refund window has passed, I will unlock for you the remaining lessons in Physique Fundamentals.

If you are seeking a dramatic and sustainable change in your physique, you are in the right place. And, it is worth noting up front: the process of building a completely different physique takes years and years. I have been doing this with fervor since 2006, and I’m still developing.


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