Extra body fat during Covid? This might be why.

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Hey, Handsome,

I’m only now losing body-fat that should’ve come off 2-3 months ago. (D’oh.)


Here’s why:

Covid dramatically reduced how physically active I am. I’m talking about outside of my workouts, in my day-to-day life.

So, calories that would normally have been getting burned off, stopped getting burned off. 

Those calories stayed on my body = body fat. 


To correct, I: 

Upped my cardio from 3x/week to 6x/week. 

Decreased my calories / macros by 12.5%. 

Changed nothing else, because overcompensating would just burn muscle. 

I’m slowly starting to see more fat coming off. 


Please share this with someone who could use it! 


With belief in me, and you,




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